Monday, 17 June 2013

My Favourite Season

The serene sunrise in the eastern horizon on a sunny day is just the treat for everyone’s eyes. It is brightest in the summer season and continues to grow as the month of May progresses.
But on the 31st of May the sun was amazed that it wasn’t the brightest star in the sky, for an even brighter and more glamorous star had taken birth on earth and the adorable smile of the baby boy, made the sun to soften its rays. It didn’t want to outshine the beauty of the baby boy.

The summer season had just begun and, it brought the first fruit of the year with it. The birth of the baby boy was its first fruit of the year as the Mangoes are the king of all fruits; the baby boy was the king of the season, and the summer acknowledged it. Being a holiday it allowed everyone of the relatives to bless him and wish for his long life. The tiny eyes couldn’t decipher the world change around him that had gone crazy seeing him play with his tiny little fingers and hands.

A hundred hands came to console him, if a tear dropped from the baby boy’s eyes. They just couldn’t let him cry for he was the star of the year. The butterflies, flowers, water in the pond and the fishes in it, made him even happier. The orchards of mango trees, blackberries, coconut trees, the palm fruit and the garden of flowers of every colour and shape amused the baby boy. He was in love with the season of summer.

The scorching sun dried up everything in its way, the ponds, and rivers, each waiting for the rains to quench their thirst.

The thunder and the lightning gave a strong message to the rivers and the thirsty trees and flowers of the arrival of the rainy season.

The dust laden trees shook off the dirt and the flowers and trees quenched their thirst with the water poured from the clouds. The first rain drops gave a sweet smell of the soil. The farmers of the country side have waited long enough for the rains, and were ready to plant the paddy.

The baby is now two months old and the advent of the rains gave him a chance to enhance his curiosity of what the new season has brought for him with it. On finding no one to disturb him he put his hands out of the window to the pouring rain drops and found it fun playing with the water that fell on his cheeks and it ran down his face. His mother came running to the room, hearing his weird fun-making sounds. The thunder and the lightening frighten him and at the very moment amaze him also. Frightened, he runs to his mom and holds her tightly, closing his eyes. And after the lightning had gone he laughs almost simultaneously with the thunder.

The rain continues to pour for the next two months playing hide and seek with the sun.

Now three months later the baby boy has stopped crawling and his curiosity leads him to learn a new skill of walking. It’s really fun walking with everyone encouraging him to walk and finds himself running to their arms. The first steps of the child give a feeling of intense happiness to his parents and instil new hope in their hearts.

The harvest season was nearby and the baby steps are too small to walk to the paddy fields. His grandfather took him in his arms, caressing him all the way long. He had started talking by now. With every season he has learnt something new and the harvest season gives him the power of speech. His grandfather takes him to make a small tour to the golden paddy fields. The paddy dances with the winds blowing and the baby boy tries to imitate the dancing of the paddy fields. He yells out to his grandfather amazed at the beauty of the paddy and the birds that flew over the land.

The nature created a perfect birth place for him and blessed him with its abundant beauty and a miraculous world.

The paddy was brought by the labourers to the house where they are crushed by the cows to separate the rice from the husk. It took days to separate the rice. Once the rice had been separated they were filled in the sacks to be stored and to be sold.

The winter season has made a peep into the life of the sweet baby boy to teach him a new lesson. His words were now clear could now be understood to a small extent. It was so cold that smoke came out of his mouth as he said to his mom. “Ma-ma”, “smoke coming out! My mouth.” which was duly acknowledged by his mom with a smile.

Later that day, a calf was born to a cow. In a day or two it was galloping and was showing wonderful jumping tricks, and the baby boy couldn’t stop laughing and having fun with his grandmother. The calf was allowed to drink milk from the cow first and then it was milked. He tried his hand at milking but without much success.

Nature had made many marigold flowers and roses to blossom in their garden. The garden looked like paradise from the top of his house.

The year was now close to end and everyone was celebrating the arrival of the New Year with great pomp and show.

The state he lived in celebrated thirteen festivals in twelve months, with the famous being the “Rath Yatra” at Puri. Puri is the abode of Lord Jagannath and the Lord of the Universe.

The baby boy was named Kishan on the 21st day of his birthday and now has grown up quite a bit and is on his way to conquer the world in his own way.

I still feel jealous of the baby boy who had so much of fun playing in his village and I envy him of the wonderful days he had as a child that every child wishes to have cherished those days. Wish I have been as lucky as the sweet and adorable baby boy, every day of my life.

The summers, the rainy, winter seasons taught him many lessons of life. Of all the seasons the summers is the best, for it gives him a chance to look into the world beyond him, in the holidays. It takes him to new destinations and gives him a chance to appreciate Mother Nature and the wonderful beauty it has created for every living being on earth. Seasons are the manifestations of Nature for every living being to closely relate with her and to unravel her hidden mysteries.


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