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Abhishek Mukherjee is a Cricket Historian and Senior Cricket editor at He lives for books, cricket, and his blog, and thinks that Gunda is the greatest movie ever made. He blogs at Abhishek's Blog, and his Twitter handle is @ovshake42.

Hey, folks! It's Akash Kumar, one can & one should call me AMOS (Akash Man of Sky). I am a 16 years old masti-loving teenager. It's my pleasure to be a Motiharian that is to live in Motihari. I don't know what to call it when Patna & Varanasi are being called "Small towns". My town boasts of being the birthplace of Millennium writer- George Orwell (Remember 1984, Animal Farm) & of turning ‘Mohandas’ into 'Mahatma'. Now, let me come to myself again. I have appeared for my Xth grade examinations this year and that's why, I am facing a dilemma what to opt for. Obviously, I like reading books & writing pieces of reading stuff in Hindi as well as English & Yeah, Social Science is my favourite subject but don't I know that it loses to science in offering a range of lucrative career options. (Satire intended!) I am a simply-awesome type of guy who likes to form an opinion of his at every point possible. I am unique (I know everyone is) & I like making my pen traverse the pages of my beautiful life. My lucky number is 7, the day on which I was born, the number which is considered very pious in Hinduism. And, last but not the least Hrithik Roshan is my favourite Actor.
I’ll be glad to see you @ India’s first online bilingual magazine by
students- Jeevan Mag 
Mail me –
Tweet me - @jeevanmag

Aniesha Brahma is about to complete her Masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. She'd pursued Bachelor's in the same before, and was schooled in Dolna Day School. She loves wrting, blogging (obviously), reading and listening to music, and honestly believes in the philosophy that you sould never give up on the one thing you cannot go a day without thinking about. She also has a novel, The Secret Proposal, to her list of achievements. 
Her blog - Aniesha's Blog
Twitter Handle - @aniesha0912

Hi, I am Ankit. I belong to a new race of Mechanical Engineers, who fancy supercomputers more than steam engines. Who loves art and loves even more to code some art pieces. A friendly person yet have only few of them really close to my heart. Some say I am an optimist, some think I have qualities of a pessimist, and the rest of the world thinks I am just another realist... but you know what ? In reality it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you. I am Batman :-). Always trying to do something out of the world in my quest to reach beyond infinity.
My Blog - aiming beyond infinity
Twitter handle - @ankitmahato

On a Practical note I am Twenty Something, First child; Born in Bihar and Brought up in the greenery of mining state i.e Jharkhand, currently an Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering student Graduating in 2014. But as a Person I am a wanderer with two pocket full of Hope of making my Dream Big one day,who is trying to paint his world with the wet color of Emotions and Love ,WHOSE STORY IS STILL BEING WRITTEN…
My Blog - Tangled Vibes
Twitter handle - @ankuranand12

Anunoy enjoys creative writing and loves photography. He has gradually discovered that travelling cum travel-writing is the best way to blend those two different elements of art. Despite being attached to a profession that doesn’t quite match with the liberty of travelling, he always manages to steal time to keep up with his travel-mantra by Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the
things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Anupama is a lifestyle blogger which means an amalgamation of a passionate traveller, an ardent bookworm, a crazy foodie, a dreamy achitect, a photographer who sees beauty in inconspicuous details and a freaky player of words. She has been blogging for about six years now at Volatile Spirits.
Twitter handle - @anupama0607

An engineering student with a soul of English literature major.
His blog - BeerSting ink
Twitter handle - @beersting

Schooling from Calcutta (yes, I still prefer calling it by that name), 4 long college years amongst the beautiful hills and the Teesta in Sikkim and now currently hogging on Hyderabadi biriyani when I am not handling the boring black-and-white lines of program code! 
Die-hard foodie. Music lover. Avid reader. Love colours. A Leo. A rebel. A daughter, sister and a lover. 

Stays in Kolkata
First works published at the age of 8 in prose and poetry form from popular Bengali language children's magazine Sandesh 
Unlearned law 
Writes in Bangla & English
Current Member, Pratishedhak, Little Magazine, Kolkata
Ex-Editorial Member and Columnist, All that Pulp, Tabloid, Kolkata
Published poetry and prose in several Bengali Little Magazines and in Liverpool Based English Literary Journal Lastbench and in London based literary e-zine On The Plum Tree
Two Books Published hitherto:
1) The History of Decadence, Pratishedhak, Kolkata, 2012
2) And Those other Ghosts of Love, Antivirus, Liverpool-Dhaka, 2012


A happy-go-lucky guy who has a way out of everything. Presently pursuing his Masters in  Economics, he is an avid music lover and reviews bands and artists ob behalf of IndianMusicRevolution. Has been a guest RJ at 94.3 FM (Kolkata) and has been involved in various projects ranging from film-making, graphics designing to what he loves best -writing. 

Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, an employee and a pen pal to few! She likes to believe she’s still 9 years old. She prefers Books, Dogs and Coffee over people. When she's not reading books, she talking about them at b00k r3vi3ws and @b00kr3vi3ws. Her personal blog is Random Musings

Hi! I'm Deeptiman Chatterjee, also known as The Shameless Blogger. Why shameless? Firstly, because I wrote an explicitly comic post on 'urination' recently. And second, because I blog only to brag about me - my amazing life, my amazing childhood, my amazing friends, my amazing work - and shamelessly so, as you will soon see! My blog is not restricted to any particular genre. Yes, majority of it would be humour. But it does get sentimental at times while some other times it just remains mental. Sometimes it raises social issues! Other times, it lazily rates and reviews movies. Sometimes it roams around for fun, taking photos. And most of the times, its just stuck with the writers' block. I try to balance between higher studies and blogging - keeping both, as a hobby. I'm here in IBL for the challenge, the getting-to-know-other-bloggers and the gossip. And also the food that Priyanka di and Debdatta di promised afterwards!'
My blog - The Shameless Blogger
Twitter handle - @chatterZman

I try to be a good story-teller, a good quilter and a good parent (not necessarily in that order). I find solace in reading, writing, sewing, coffee and insanity; primarily in insanity. I blog at Dip-Tea Blogs Here

She is a published short story writer and poet. She has been writing since as long as she can remember. Her short stories have appeared in Anthology called Ripples and many national magazines. She regularly contributes to an International poetry journal called Metverse Muse. 
Her blog - Ghazala Hossain 
Twitter handle - @girlfromIndia

Reading Novels n short stories, admiring the cosmological world has been my passion.
And as my name suggests Kishan-refers to Lord Krishna, Chand-Moon, Swain-means a young lover. I have been irregularly regular in blogging. I love cycling a lot. Currently pursuing my B.Tech in EEE branch. N m a Network Marketer at Pvt.Ltd. In search of great success and to achieve all the dreams in this lyf only, bcoz I don’t want to take rebirth again. I am a great admirer of Lord Krishna.
Twitter - @levyingkishan
Hang out with me to be inspired and to be motivated

Mahesh is a poet, dreamer, cineaste and bibliophile, mad about the Beatles and Illayarja; he is a dog-lover and is like Chet from the Hardy Boys series jumping into one hobby after the other. He hopes to make a movie one day! He is a hopeless romantic! He is a Piscean, so can ever decide whether to swim with the tide or swim against the tide.
He blogs at : memories and Punarjanmam
Twitter handle - @vincimax

Mohit K Jain (K for Kumar, I use the full form only for "official" purposes)
I'm 20, male and I have spent the 20 years on this planet in two cities mostly - Guwahati and Indore. I'm fond of 3 things in life - Food, Books and Writing. I don't like travelling and love to be at home (you can call me lazy too, i don't mind). Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Nicholas Sparks and Dan Brown are my favourite English Novelists and Munshi Premchand, Sumitranandan Pant and Mahadevi Varma are the same in Hindi to me.  I like things to be simple in all walks of life - right from my food, clothes to my views. 
Last, but not the least, I write to feel free. Writing gives me a sense of accomplishment. Every finished piece of writing for me is no less then climbing atop Mt. Everest. To put it simply, Writing makes me happy. :)
My Blog - SimplyMohit


Panchali Sengupta makes her home, in Kolkata; where she lives with her doting husband, a dog, a cockatiel and a tank of fish. She's a Mum to a beautiful daughter and a Mum-in-law to an amazing SIL..
When she's not writing or blogging, she spends her time on her hobbies which include reading, crocheting, watching good films, listening to music...As a proud homemaker, she also loves cooking and baking.
She's a book-hoarder, a lover of words, phrases and poetry. 
As a newbie, she started blogging at Sulekha, and joined blogger two years back. Now she blogs at Panchali Bolchi
Twitter Handle - @PanchaliSengupt

 I am from Kerala, God's own country, though I haven't seen any Gods there yet :-) 
For most of my life I have been employed in Africa and for the late nearly twenty years in South Africa. My professional field is education. I'm married, we have two lovely daughters. 
I am a blogger; have published a few things here and there. Writing was/is my one interest and passion. I am happy to be with all of you. I take these engagements as a way to rediscovering India, an India very differet from what it was. 
My blogs - India Blooming and Weddings and Marriage
Twitter handle - @prasannaragh

An engineer by profession, an aspiring manager-to-be (in the future) by studies, Prashanth is a person who has varied interests in life, but at times overcome by laziness to actually pursue them. Blogging, though, is an exception, as he believes writing gives him a sense of exhilaration. Currently an NRI, Prashanth loves to write about places he visits and experiences he goes through. An optimist by nature, he believes that people should never resort to their "destiny", but keep fighting the battle, even if it would be a losing one.
Blog : AP's (s)crap
Twitter : @prashanthashok1


Priyanka is an aspiring writer, a frequent blogger, an occasional book-reviewer, freelance editor, self-acclaimed bookworm, movie buff, epicurean, glutton as well, Ph.D dropout and an incorrigible Bengali at heart. She writes in both English and Bangla.
Her blogs - One and a Half Minutes and Moreechikaa
Twitter handle - @priyaroy28

Ritesh Agarwal is a freelance writer, a zealous blogger, a book reviewer and a voracious reader. When he is not writing, then he is reading. And when he is not reading, then he is writing. Though, he loves romance genre as well, he is partial towards horror. He literally reveres Edgar Allan Poe, the master of gothic horror, who also happens to be his 2nd favorite author of all time. 
Interestingly, Ritesh has a commerce background and after completing graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, he went on to pursue Chartered Accountancy. But midway, he quit it after finding his true calling in the writing world. 
 He blogs at Some Bedtime Stories. He can be reached through email at ritzy182000(aT) You can also stalk him on Facebook at RiteshIsGreatest or follow him around on Twitter @RitzyChoclate
PS- Just in case you were wondering, his number 1 favorite author of all time is Agatha Christie. 

Born in the beautiful and diverse state of Assam, Sanhita Baruah, a final year engineering student is also working as a copy editor for Expressions Unlimited, an e-magazine dedicated to Literature in India. Writing being her hobby, many of her articles and poems have been published in National and International Journals and Magazines. Recognized for her contribution in "Uff Ye Emotions", an anthology of love stories, and "Kaleidoscope", an anthology of award winning stories of different genres, she also runs a blog titled 'Pens and Pages

Sauvik Paul likes to gaze stars. He works in a “boring IT firm”, and has a special ability to surprise himself anytime. His world, he sees through the lens of his camera.
Follow his dreams at Dream Peddler

Hi, my name is Sayantini Bhattacharya. I am 23 years old and pursuing my post-grad in English literature. I live at a small town near Kolkata. I am very passionate about reading literature and a great interest in writing poetry. I have a blog named "Another Part of Me" and I there, unravel my love towards life and literature.
My blog - Another Part of Me
Twitter handle - @Sayantini_Bh

I call myself a free-thinker, a proud Mumbaikar, a blogger, a good bathroom singer, a die hard fan of superhero, animation and sci-fi movies, actually all movies, and sometimes a lazy who is capable of conceiving rationally insane thoughts. 
I wish to spend all my money travelling the world, visiting all the beautiful places on this earth, drink the best wines and liqour, be broke at least once, and then blog about it!
I remember my childhood days reading anything and everything that started with 'once upon a time'..which marked the beginning of my fascination with stories and my love for them gradually multiplied in a way which makes me write some short ones regularly till date...hoping to pen some really nice stories in future as well. 
My blog - On Croxxroads of Lyf
Twitter handle - @Shraddha_G

Blogging since 2011. 
I am a final year undergrad (passing out in 10 days!) pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Engg from NIT Jaipur. Post college, I am starting as an ERS consultant in Deloitte US-India by mid-July. I love to eat books, live movies, discover music and love people, and I want to become a connoisseur one day. 
I blog mostly in first person and share my self-experiences and try to be funny with my anecdotes. You'll find fiction, articles, poetry,movie & book reviews in my blog. I try to re-imagine a common scene in my own way while writing something. I avoid blogging on political and social issues.I was featured in DNA for my post: "Being Thrusday!" 
Connect with me on Facebook, twitter - @i1_2ramble , and of course blogger.

An HR professional who believes in Learning as a lifestyle than a function.
A science aficionado with keen interest in Physics and Behavioral Science. 
A music enthusiast and big time lover of metaphysical poetry. 
My blog - My Paradoxical Paradise
Twitter handle - @sriramacharya

*a restless soul in search of sanity..
*what you get when you mix all the flavours possible and the drink still tastes good..
*a deadly combination of carelessness, instability and insensitivity!
Twitter handle - @sudeshna2211

Udaya Kumar

I was born in Tiruchirapalli, TN, half a century ago.I was schooled from
quite a few schools from different places in the country. I graduated as a science student from Univ of Rajasthan in the '80s. Immediately afterwards I joined army as a Bengal Sapper officer and after a 5 year stint left in '90.
Relocated to Chennai and was busy in gold chain jewellery making. I had my
own investment casting unit and made gold rings, bracelets, pendants and chains.
Then drifted back to a job in the security sector and have been at the managerial level in guarding, Cash in transit and then industrial security with a major steel manufcaturer In Karnataka(JSW).
Then took up a faculty position with a Outward Bound Learning Institute at Bangalore. And now I am with an apparel manufacturing and retail brand and operate from Pondicherry. I am in charge of Marketing and am looking forward to creating an online store with our brand called 'Toby'.
Online Writing is my hobby and I write articles for a few content sites
like Constant-Content, iWriter, Article teller, mytypist, iwantarticles....
I am an aspiring freelance online writer and wish to produce content for
blogs and websites. I blog occasionally at Jugaadu Internet. Please visit my blog. 
I'd like to promote online writing.
I was a keen cricketer, tennis and squash player. I am a Sahaj yogi and am striving to truly realize myself and the effort is showing results slowly.
Twitter handle - @conquertheself

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