Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Anniversary of Disgust

As the sun goes down, burying itself deep into the west.

I struggle today, and just today, to bear the murderous unrest.

I shake my head vigorously and clasp my hands tight.

But today I just cannot overcome the dread, the fright.

Darkness prevails in this room where I scornfully lie.

And all that I can think of are different ways to die.

I am all teary-eyed, but all that I manage is to sulk.

It feels as if my soul is being auctioned in bulk.

No, this is not the way I am, this is not the usual me.

I never let the situation decide how it is going to be.

But, I see the sun go down and bury in the west.

And I remember the eve before my fourth grade English test.

I wanted him to show me again how to write that letter.

But he, my own uncle, found molesting me an option better.


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