Sunday, 21 July 2013

Déjà Vu

Early in the morning

Corpuscular rays of sunlight

Filter thro’ the trees—and

touch me fleetingly

I can’t hold myself, slip into the veldt;

Foliage almost topical on the forest-floor

Entwine around my feet- what luck!

The rustle of the stag-ferns, the murmurs

of the torrent stream rushing with bushes,

twigs through the ravine; all play together,

to enlighten me…initiate me

- Puzzled, I peek around the bushes;

Whipping affinities, analogies…

And progress….

Time rolls by, as I keep picking

The mysteries through the gossamer

caught in yesterday’s frames; and


For a sip of that stupor or trance

I enjoy being released into the

Musty images of yesterday…

Screeches of birds, the gushing water,

the smell of moist earth,

the mass of green velvety moss ,

bird-burrowed holes on tree-trunks; they all

help me taking off the blinkers at last,

I spot the wooden arched bridge over a creek

And recognize…goodness me!!

A bubbling stream fleeting, swinging,

crashing over the boulders; transforms

my hearing and seeing –

Silence follows~

Play of sunlight rolls over the boulders

Gets hazy for a second…

Lo! It disappears again…

The old bridge opens windows of another world

I've been here before, I grasp - -- a dream Déjà vu..?

The yellow sunlight gets intense,

Each stone seems more dazzling than before

'Yes, such awakening is possible,

Déjà vu moment pitches in because images

dwell in our consciousness, as long as we live.


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