Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Indian Bloggers' League 2.0

A hearty welcome to IBL newbies and a welcome back to the IBL veterans!

For those of you, who are new to IBL, let me take you on a fast track flash back to the first IBL Chellenge that ‘happened’ last year.

Indian Bloggers League is, simply put, a battle of the bloggers. Last year we had 8 teams, representing 8 cities that faced off each other in 4 different rounds, that included a wide variety of topics, over a period of four months. Last year the teams were (in Alphabetical Order):

- Amdavadi Tadka
- Bengaluru Bloggers' Bistro
- Bombay's Bloggywood
- Chennai Super Bloggers
- Delhi Sutras
- Kolkata Knight Writers
- Pataliputra Wordsmiths
- Pune Blog-in

In the end Chennai Super Bloggers and Kolkata Knight Writers faced each other in the finals and Chennai Super Bloggers emerged victorious!

You'll notice that I rushed through that and did not give much details about each round. Well, each round & the entries are available on the IBL Website for whoever is curious about it. But what isn't there is the experience that we had. Ofcourse being bloggers, we all blogged our hearts out. But at the same time we made new friends, discovered new blogs and had fun.

Being part of the Kolkata Knight Writers was an amazing experience for me. I made quite a few friends there - thats still continuing... I found a couple of people that I now look up to for their experience and calibre of writing. I loved the energy, the initiatives and the inter-team chats. Infact, if I was being truthful, I don't think that the dictionary has enough words to describe the experiences that we had. Ofcourse, not everything was rosy, yet I can truly say that we had 'Nirmal Anand'.

And now IBL is back in a new avatar. This year we are going to have 5 teams represent each zone of the country... & in case you are wondering - I am in Coup d'East this year. Also, instead of just 16 bloggers in each team, we will have 30-35 bloggers in each.

Changes are apparent but Binoy Karan, Akshay Kumar G and Deepak Karthik promises us that its going to be for better and that we should look forward to 'double the craziness'!

Well people, I am already having fun getting to know my new team mates and I will introduce you to them soon... So the question is Are You Ready for it?

Written By    : Debdatta
Originally for : Random Musings

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